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Custom Event Registration with Woo Commerce

How To: Event Registration with WordPress and WooCommerce

Managing event registrations smoothly is critical to your event’s success. Many schools, nonprofits, and charitable organizations choose 3rd party software for event registration, assuming the fees are an unavoidable cost of hosting and managing their event. We have good news! You can save time and money with custom event registration using WordPress and WooCommerce, and our Jacksonville website design company can help.

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WooCommerce Event Registration – Free and Paid Registration Options

If your website or blog is built with the self-hosted WordPress Content Management System (CMS), you can install WooCommerce – a full-featured, modern and mobile-friendly e-commerce platform – for free! With WooCommerce you can create custom event registration forms with free and paid registration options, custom registration fields, and required release of liability statements.

Example: North Florida School of Special Education

We created the custom event registration form below for NFSSE’s “Country Fair Jamboree & Walk a Country Mile Fundraiser.” The North Florida School of Special Education needed registrants to choose either Free Registration, or register with a $35 donation for which they would receive a free t-shirt. Additional custom fields were added to capture Participant Name (required), Student Name (optional), and Release of Liability (required).

Custom WordPress Event Registration Charity Fundraiser

WordPress Event Registration Options

Your event can include multiple registration options. This custom WordPress event registration form informs the user to “Select “Free Registration” or choose a T-Shirt size if you are registering with a $35 donation” with a single-select dropdown. The image below shows the custom message which appears for users who select “Free Registration”.

Free registration wordpress woocommerce form

Custom Form Fields with WordPress Event Registration

Once the Registration Type is selected, this form collects the required “Participant Name” in case the purchaser is registering for someone else, “Student Name” to allow the school to know which student the participant is supporting, and a required “Release of Liability” statement. The Participant Name, and Release of Liability are required. The image below shows the custom message which appears for users who elect to make a $35 donation with a specified t-shirt size.

how to manage event registration with wordpress and woocommerce

Secure Checkout

Once the required registration fields are completed, WooCommerce handles payment (if required) using a secure connection to all of the most popular e-commerce gateways and financial institutions. Event managers receive instant email notifications for each registration, and all registrations can be easily reviewed and exported from your WooCommerce dashboard.

Easy Event Registration with WordPress and WooCommerce

This example shows just a few of the options available to manage event registrations using WordPress and WooCommerce. There are literally hundreds of options available. Maybe it’s time for you to consider WordPress and WooCommerce for your next event!


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  • Greg S. says:

    I can’t seem to find the WooCommerce Event Registration plugin anywhere. Do you have a link?

    • Andre LaFlamme says:

      Hi Greg, event registration with WooCommerce can be accomplished without the need for additional plugins. In this example, the “Registration Type” option is using product variations which is part of core WooCommerce. This is similar to choosing a size when purchasing a shirt online. The additional fields below Registration Type are added through “Product Add-Ons” which can be found here: https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/

  • Jason says:

    Question: did you add any other particular module besides just the basic WooCommerce module? Looking to use these FREE options to set up for a high school reunion (paired with PayPal). It seems like you did this but just checking!

    • Andre LaFlamme says:

      Good morning Jason, thanks for visiting our blog! The registration options in the example under “Registration Type” were setup through WooCommerce product variations and is part of core WooCommerce. If you don’t need to add additional fields underneath, you do not need to purchase any paid plugins. Even if you setup a FREE registration option, the user will still be taken through the checkout process where you will receive their name and additional information you require during checkout. If you want to add additional fields before they get to the WooCommerce checkout screen similar to this example, you will need to purchase “Product Add-ons”

      You can read more about creating Variable Products here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/variable-product/
      WC Product Add-Ons: https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/

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