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We all love seeing dogs, cats, and toddlers doing funny things on Facebook. But when you hire a social media agency for your small business these types of posts aren’t going to help you grow brand awareness or increase website traffic. If you haven’t fully embraced social media as a valuable tool for growing your business, give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll discuss some of the ways you can leverage Facebook and Instagram to develop your brand, get more online reviews, and increase relevant traffic to your website.

Develop Your Brand

Posting on your Facebook Page can be a bit confusing for many organizations and small business owners. Should I post a picture of my staff, a testimonial, a special offer? You should view social media as a tool to develop a relationship with your audience. A post providing a helpful tip or information about a topic they are interested in can show your audience that your organization is knowledgeable and kind. Posting a case study or a message about one of your clients or customers can build trust, increase awareness about the type of work you do, and who you do it for.

Images And Videos Are Critical To Your Success

When posting on Facebook and Instagram, images and videos are the best at capturing the attention of your audience. One of the ways we assist clients with their social media is by providing custom graphic design tailored specifically for each social media network. In addition to creating custom profile and header images, we also create custom post images. For example – a Facebook post which links to your website should have an image which is 1200px wide by 628px tall.

If you’re ready to get serious about using social media to grow your organization, we’d love to help!

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