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Jacksonville Website Design Philosophy – Grow With Clients

When you’re looking for a Jacksonville website design company, you won’t have any shortage of companies to choose from. You may also have a friend or colleague who “knows a guy” that can build a website for a really great price. In fact, the majority of my business comes from personal referrals from businesses who are either current clients or who have worked with me on a project in the past. This article will help you decide how to choose the right website design company for the current – and future goals of your business. View more examples of our work and a brief video of our client websites in Google search by visiting our Jacksonville Web Design Portfolio page.

How To Identify Quality Website Design

Quality website design requires much more than appealing colors and legible text. In 10 seconds your website must capture the visitor’s attention, tell them what your website is about, and clearly allow them to choose the page that helps them get to the information they are looking for. Every business has a unique customer base and a unique set of marketing and sales goals, strengths, and specific products or services that are most popular or profitable. A carefully planned design and layout will be different for each type of business and industry.

Our Philosophy – Grow With Our Clients

Last month one of my clients called me to say thank you, because his new website had brought more leads in six weeks than his previous website brought in two years. That is exactly why I’m in this business – I love helping businesses grow, and I want every small and medium sized business to realize the benefits of a top-producing website. When I create a website that works for a client, my business grows through additional exposure and professional referrals.

Generate Leads

The screenshot below is from a website we created for Inky Fingers Printing in Jacksonville, Florida. Their website visitors want to quickly identify three things: (1) What printing services do they offer; (2) How much will it cost; and (3) How do I get my artwork files to them. Our design answers all three, and the first image in the homepage slideshow shows their delivery vehicle to show that Inky Fingers will also deliver the finished product.

View more examples of our work by visiting our Jacksonville Website Design Portfolio page.


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