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Local Internet Marketing Company in Jacksonville – Your Best Marketing Investment

Choosing an Internet Marketing Company in Jacksonville

Internet Marketing companies can produce immediate sales and leads for your business, yet many small and large businesses still do not invest in Internet Marketing and don’t have an online marketing strategy. I’m writing this article today because I want to help businesses understand why they should choose a local Internet Marketing company in Jacksonville and stop wasting valuable marketing dollars on annual listing fees with “big box” websites.


Invest in YOUR Website, Not Someone Else’s

Many of my clients have been approached by sales reps from large online properties (let’s use as an example) with presentations about how many monthly visitors receives, and asking for $750/$1500 per year to purchase a business listing on their website. There are some opportunities like the one described above that can help businesses, but it’s important to understand that purchasing a business listing on another website should only be considered as an additional item for your overall Internet Marketing strategy. Once that year is over, your listing either disappears or you have to pay again to renew it. Instead I implore you to invest in your own company website by purchasing an updated design and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program, both of which will continue produce a positive return on your investment for years to come.

Internet Marketing Companies Provide Immediate & Long Term Growth

For the business owner who needs more business now, choosing to invest in your company website by purchasing services from an Internet Marketing company can provide an immediate boost to sales and leads, as well as long-term growth through quality content development and Search Engine Optimization. Several of my clients in Jacksonville Florida who purchased Internet Marketing services have told me they received more leads from their website in the first two months than they had the entire previous year. These results were achieved with the following steps:

  • creating a modern and user-friendly website design
  • performing online website marketing research
  • implementing proven Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • re-writing and producing new optimized content
  • separating content focus to individual pages where necessary
  • optional geo-targeted pay-per-click advertising (your ads only show up for searchers within specified cities, states, or radius around a physical address)

Choose Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords First

Your Jacksonville FL Internet Marketing strategy should include a website design upgrade, Search Engine Optimization, and online advertising with Google before any other online marketing expenses are even considered. These investments will give your business a strong boost in the near term while also improving your online visibility and search engine placement.

If you think your company could benefit from an updated website design, please take a look at our online portfolio and call or email anytime. I’d love to talk with you more about how PMCJAX can help your business grow through quality website design and Internet Marketing Services.

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