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What is Responsive Mobile Website Design?

Mobile Web Site Design Best Practices

Your business must have a smartphone friendly website, or you risk losing 61%* of potential clients. Responsive website design provides the best user experience and is our standard practice for all of our mobile website design clients. By creating a responsive website design, we allow the website and images to automatically adjust their width and height to the size of the mobile device. This ensures optimal user experience for your customers, and increases the likelihood that they will contact your business and visit your website again.

Responsive Mobile Website Example

Automatically Adjusts To Screen Orientation

Our responsive mobile websites also automatically adjust to the mobile device screen orientation. This means when a user turns their smartphone sideways and views your site in “landscape” view, the website and images adjust – without losing any of the image quality. Here is an example – and I’ve provided a link to this mobile site below.

responsive mobile website jacksonville

Visit this mobile site on your smartphone here:

If you’ve been considering a mobile website design in Jacksonville, give me a call or send an email and I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. If you use Google Analytics, I can even show you how many of your current website visitors are accessing your site from a mobile device. Our client portfolio average is between 30-45 percent of total website visitors, and this average continues to rise every month.

* Source: Google™ “What Users Want From Mobile Sites Today” View on Think with Google

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