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What is SEO? How can I move up in Google?

How To Improve SEO Performance

The question “why is my website not in the search results?” is the most common question we receive from prospective clients. If you can view your website online, the search engines will definitely find it. The question is, what do search engines SEE when they visit your website? What is SEO?



What Search Engines See

Search engines use “spiders” which are essentially robots that crawl the entire web and index pages. Search engine algorithms then analyze the results and show those results to searchers based on the search phrase submitted. Search engine spiders don’t view a website the way humans do, so we take great care to provide specific elements to each website page within the HTML structure to make sure the spiders know what your website pages are about. Search engine algorithms also evaluate the focus and quality of your website content on each page, links that point TO your website, the level of social media activity that links to or discusses your website, and much much more.

What is SEO? Basic SEO Requirements

At the most elementary level, the first step to improve SEO performance is to understand that each page of your website must have a clear content focus in order to increase search engine visibility. There are five elements of SEO that must exist on each page of your website to promote visibility within search results for each page’s content focus. They are (1) Page Title; (2) Keyword Usage (the meta keywords tag has become less important as of recent Google algorithm updates); (3) Meta Description; (4) Related Content; and (5) HTML Header Tags (h1, h2, h3, h4…). If you are a printing company, one page should be focused on business card printing and another page should be focused on posters and banners. This will help gain visibility for people searching for “business card printers [city]” or “banner printing company in [city].

Can You Help Me?

Yes, SEO and Search Engine Marketing are our most popular services. We can provide a free analysis and consultation of your website and let you know what’s missing as well as what we recommend to help your site climb up the rankings and get more visibility online. Call or email anytime to schedule a consultation.

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