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Healthcare website design for medical spa - Laser hair removal and skincare website design by PMCJAX, based in Jacksonville, FLBelle Mia Laser & Skincare Center partnered with PMCJAX in 2014 for a complete website redesign along with digital marketing services which include SEO & Google AdWords, and we continue to provide these services for them today.

Moving Website Away From Wix

Prior to launching a custom healthcare website with us in 2014, Belle Mia was struggling to gain any visibility in Google and other search engines for any of their services pages. They had launched their first website using the Wix platform, and this platform’s limitations to URL structure and SEO customization was one of the primary causes of their poor performance and low search rankings.

If you would like help moving your website away from Wix or another provider, we’ll be happy to help. Send your information and a member of our team will contact you the same or next business day.

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New Website, SEO Launch and Growth

Our new website launched on September 2, 2014 and Belle Mia’s rankings on Google and other search engines quickly started to rise. Increased online visibility brought scores of new traffic to the new custom healthcare website we created for them, which delivered quality leads and consistent business growth. Below is a screenshot showing the dramatic increase in website traffic that first three months after website launch.

Our medical spa SEO services have helped Belle Mia become the market leader in online visibility in Asheville, NC for their industry. To see the results you can search Google for “chemical peel asheville nc”, “laser tattoo removal asheville nc” or any of their other procedures and services.

Healthcare website SEO - medical SEO company in Jacksonville Florida

Monthly SEO Is Required To Maintain Rankings & Grow

Search Engine Optimization for your healthcare website or medical website should be considered a fixed cost, as it is absolutely critical to maintain growth and retain your search engine rankings. When you have reached the first page of Google and other search engines, that means you have moved someone else off of the first page, and they are not likely to be too happy about it.

There are also many other small business owners and website directories who would like to achieve first page rankings, and they’re working hard toward that goal. As you can see in the two images below, there are brief periods of time where our website traffic falls (sometimes due to economic downturn and reduced people searching for elective skincare and laser procedures). When you have partnered with a quality SEO and digital marketing company those downturns will be short-lived, and traffic improvements will continue.

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