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St. Lucie Title Company – Treasure Coast Title & Escrow

Real Estate Title Company in St. Lucie County

When you’re looking for a title company in St. Lucie, Florida, your best choice is Treasure Coast Title and Escrow. When I began working with Treasure Coast Title and Escrow on their new website and Internet Marketing project, I learned a great deal about the importance of choosing the right title company for your real estate transaction. Within that same year I was in need of selling a house as part of my father’s estate, and thankfully I had a great resource just a phone call away.

Real Estate Closing by Mail

I live in Jacksonville, and the house I needed to sell was 90 miles away in Ormond Beach. Treasure Coast Title and Escrow is a St. Lucie title company – located 225 miles south of Jacksonville and 130 miles south of Ormond Beach. Much to my surprise they offered to complete the entire real estate title closing by mail! The buyer wanted to close within 10 days, which left little margin for error with regard to closing documents and time-in-transit. You see, the title company would need to complete the title search, prepare the closing documents for each of the parties to sign, send them overnight to each of us, which would then be sent overnight back to the title company in St. Lucie county. If any signatures were missed, the closing would be delayed. Since we were closing by mail, I would be at my broker’s office and the buyer would be at hers.


Excellent Customer Service

Everything worked out perfectly. The documents arrived on time and were clearly marked with each location that required a signature. Additionally, Treasure Coast Title and Escrow had an agent available by phone for the buyer and myself in case any questions arose during our signing procedures. My real estate broker was initially a little leary of using a title company in St. Lucie county since we had such a short timeline – but was extremely pleased with the outcome and said the closing could not have been handled any better, it was one of the most smooth transactions he had ever been a part of.

Thank you again Treasure Coast Title and Escrow, I appreciate your flexibility, attention to detail and amazing customer support.

If you have to close on a real estate transaction, consider a mail-away closing by Treasure Coast Title and Escrow. www.tctitleandescrow

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